Various Riffs

Crossroads "Eugene's Trick Bag" [ ptb | mp3 | mpg ]
This is the famous ending to the crossroads that Ralph Macchio pulls off on his guitar (although it isn’t him playing it).  This riff is starting in A harmonic minor and goes all the way up to where he frets the high A.  There are some tricky jumps in this riff that must be accommodated for so watch the fingerings in the movies.

4 Fingered Chop [ ptb ]
I have created a real cool 4 fingered chop that is utilizing 4 fingers per string.  Play this in strict triplets to eventually bring up to speed.

Rock / Fusion Riff [ ptb | mp3 | mpg ]
This riff can be found in the song ‘Purgatory’ and first uses an Eric Johnson type pentatonic lick, string skipping down G major and then going up a major 7th chord.  This lick uses a combination of alternate and sweep picking.

Number 1 Chop [ ptb | mp3 | mpg ]
This is the Number 1 Chop.  Every guitar player uses this one way or another.  From Vai to Page, it can be found in nearly every guitarists bag of licks.  Have a nice steady stream of 16th notes, and then increase the speed making sure to use the correct picking.

 © 2003 Brandon Paredes