Sweep Picking

Arpeggiomania [ ptb | mp3 | mpg ]
In this riff, I have come up with a concept of going to a higher note before completing the actual arpeggio, then doing the regular arpeggio.  In this example only 5th string root minor and major arpeggios are used.  Sweep picking must be utilized to gain high speed to play this chop at its full value.

G Major Arpeggio, Root 2 [ ptb | mp3 | mpg ]
This is your basic 5th string root G major arpeggio.  This is where sweep picking will have to be utilized.  As you can see, the first pick is a down pick, then a hammer-on and then you sweep that down-pick all the way to the top E string.

Am Arpeggio [ ptb | mp3 | mpg ]
The A minor arpeggio is a 5th string root minor arpeggio.  You should watch the video to see how I maneuver my hand and roll the 3rd finger so that none of the notes ring out together.

Diminished Arpeggios [ ptb | mp3 | mpg ]
Another famous arpeggio is the diminished arpeggios.  Shown in the tab,  we are only doing the 3 string sweeps to get a real fast sweeping sound like Malmsteen.

  2003 Brandon Paredes