Interview with the Sound Guitar Magazine –  p57-61 (Read More)

Music Review Unsigned Magazine says: “Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Ryan “Formato is an instrumental guitarist heavily influenced by the likes of Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai. Rise From The Dead is his second album.” (Read More)

OnlineRock says: “Placing in the top six of the 2004 Guitarmageddon competition, Ryan is certainly capable of the most intricate guitar gymnastics…”(Read More)

Guitar9 says: “Formato submitted a four song demo CD-R filled with blazing shredded moments and all the high-tech, modern playing techniques you’d hope you’d find in a much older guitarist.” (Read More)

Southshore Press says: “…anyone can tell that this young man’s passion will always be music.” (Read More)

Guitarmania says: “Out of This World,” is an all- instrument first offering of highly refined neoclassical compositions that delve into shred and fusion.  This is a high-energy, up-tempo CD that is full of insane chops, high intensity, speed, and true improvisational moments.

F.A.R. Out says: “I don’t rate a player by how many notes he can squeeze in one measure. I rather hear textures and harmonies with perplexed timings. Ryan shows that on this album with  nteresting compositions and terrific fretwork.”

Guitar Lords says:  “Out Of This World”, is no doubt a really explosive work on behalf of Ryan Formato for all those lovers of Melodic Shred. This CD was created when Ryan Formato was just 19 years old and turned out to be one of the best discs that I have listened to up to date. There are 12 tracks on this CD.  Pure instrumental fireworks from the beginning till the end with beautiful and melodic ballads to wild rhythms with pure speed, intensity and real moments of delight with dramatic and passionate topics that simply are surprising. This disc won’t allow you to sigh for even a moment.

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