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Sound Clips - 1-2 minute clips of each song!

Debut Album "Rise From the Dead"

01. We the People
02. 2012 (The End is Near)
03. I'll Never Be the Same Again
04. Arpeggio Autopsy II

05. Beauty Within
06. Eternal Promise
07. Life and Death
08. Rise From the Dead
09. Stages of Life
10. Under the Stars
11. Swag
Face Off
12. Just a Friend

Sound Clips

Debut demo "Out of this World"
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01. Patricia
02. Lambdog
03. Fatal Tragedy
04. Out of Purgatory
05. Broken Heart
06. Out of this World
07. Purgatory
08. Dad's Song
09. Arpeggio Autopsy
10. Spanish Alien
11. Shred Dominates
12. Black Hole

Other Tracks
Always With Me, Always With You (by Joe Satriani)
Bouree in E minor (by Bach)


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