Alternate Picking

Alternate picking [ ptb | mp3 ]
This riff was taken from my song Purgatory and is basically a triplet pattern going from E on the 6th string all the way up to high E on the 24th fret.  Play this lick very slowly at first with a metronome because the feel is definitive triplets.

Tremolo Picking [ ptb | mp3 | mpg ]
In this example I am going to rapid pick the high E string to build up speed.  Make sure that the notes are perfect 16th notes though.  Tremolo picking is the highest you will ever be able to pick because it is only on one string and therefore you can not do any of the other licks faster then this set speed.  Because of this fact, you must get this speed up first by going over it with a METRONOME

  2003 Brandon Paredes